Position Statement: COVID-19 Vaccination

Allowing more Hong Kong citizens to be administered with safe and effective COVID-19 vaccines is crucial to minimize the spread of the disease, hospitalization, and deaths. Vaccination is well-proved and undoubtedly the essential weapon to fight against the virus and utmost element for the resumption of the normal ways of life in Hong Kong.

Emergency Nurses always stand on the frontline to monitor and screen patients for any potential infectious disease according to their general health conditions, immunization status, recent travel history, and exposure to ill persons, etc. Protection of patients, colleagues, family members, and Hong Kong citizens from infectious diseases is one of our responsibilities and missions.

The Hong Kong College of Emergency Nursing (HKCEN) encourages all its Fellows, members, and emergency nurses as well as Hong Kong citizens to be vaccinated against COVID-19, unless medically contraindicated. We can protect ourselves, family members, patients, and Hong Kong citizens against COVID-19 by receiving timely vaccination. We believe that we can achieve community immunity if a large proportion of the local citizens being vaccinated. Most importantly, emergency nurses can be role models to the public and help to stop the wave of local COVID-19 outbreaks by receiving vaccination as soon as possible.

Let’s go for it!
Let’s be vaccinated!

The HKCEN welcomes questions and feedback regarding the position statement. For any inquiry, please contact the President of HKCEN at 92821687 or email hkcen2011@gmail.com Thanks for your attention!

The Hong Kong College of Emergency Nursing

July 2021

Following is the chinese version

立場聲明 : 2019 冠狀病毒疫苗接種

讓更多香港市民接種安全有效的 2019 冠狀病毒 (COVID-19) 疫苗,對於減少疾病的傳播、住院 和死亡至關重要。接種疫苗,已經證實是抵禦病毒的重要防禦,也是香港恢復正常生活方式 的重要因素。

急症科護士一直站於守護香港市民健康的最前線。我們根據病人的一般健康狀況、免疫狀況、近期旅遊史、接觸懷疑個案等情況,監測和篩查病人是否有任何潛在傳染病的風險。 保護病 人、其家人、同事和香港市民遠離傳染病是我們的責任和使命之一。

香港急症科護理學院鼓勵其所有院士、會員和急症科護士以及全港市民,在沒有醫學禁忌症之情況下,接種 2019 冠狀病毒疫苗。我們相信,透過接種疫苗,能保護自己、家人、患者及香港市民免受 2019 冠狀病毒之侵害。我們相信大部份市民接種疫苗,能建立群體免疫保護屏障。最重要的是,作為急症科護士,透過盡快接種疫苗,除了能成為香港市民的榜樣,更能大大幫助阻止疫情的爆發。


如對以上立場聲明有任何問題或意見,歡迎致電 92821687 或電郵 hkcen2011@gmail.com 聯絡香港急症科護理學院院長。


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