Post Workshop Run Down

TimeTopicsSpeakers (TBC)
08:45-09:00 Registration
09:00-09:40Introduction of emergency medicine extended care: development & emerging trendsDr. WONG Oi Fung CON, NLTH (AED)
09:40-10:20Assessment & management of acutemedical problemsDr. FUNG Hin Tat CON, TMH (AED)
10:20-11:00Emergency medicine extended care in private practiceDr. YUEN Pak Chuen Consultant, Union Hospital (Emergency Medicine Centre)
11:00-11:40Assessment & management of common mental health problemsDr. Stanley YIP AC, CPH
11:40-12:20Assessment & management of common toxicology problemsDr. CHAN Yiu Cheung COS, UCH (AED)
12:20-13:00Assessment & management of common emergency medical conditionsDr. Kevin WONG AC, NLTH (AED)



CNE: 4 points

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